Member, Advisory Board for PIIRS and CGI at Princeton, the Jackson Institute at Yale, and the Harvard Business School Alumni Board

Aliya Kanji Nedungadi ’97 serves on the Advisory Board for Princeton International Relations and Regional Studies, the Center for Global India and the Mpala Institute at Princeton, the Jackson School at Yale, and the Harvard Business School Alumni Board. She graduated from Princeton University in 1997 with a Cum Laude degree in Economics and obtained Certificates in Political Economy, Latin American Studies and Spanish. She graduated from Harvard Business School in 2002 with a Masters in Business Administration. She worked as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company before joining the management team of Saks Fifth Avenue to launch their electronic commerce business. Aliya pursued her interest in luxury retail as the Head of Marketing for DeBeers Diamond Jewellers in London. In 2009, Aliya left DeBeers to start a residential real estate development business, AKN Properties Incorporated. In 2022, Aliya graduated from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and set up a private practice as a Nutritional and Lifestyle consultant.