Welcome to the Center for Global India

The M.S. Chadha Center for Global India (CGI) seeks to address key interactions between India and the world that have potential to transform human and planetary wellbeing, and our imaginaries of the human experience. CGI is novel in its focus: on the linkages between India and the world, rather than solely focused within India. Examples of global India topics include: the impact of Indian urbanization on the world and vice versa; new visions of literature, art and music at the intersection between India and the world; technology leap-frogging in India and the world; the global impact of India’s diaspora; and studies of India’s democracy in a global perspective.

CGI advances disciplinary, interdisciplinary and comparative scholarship, innovative education programing and public engagement on the concept of global India. The center actively seeks to connect research and scholarship with policy and action in ways that are culturally- and historically-aware and appropriate to its mission.

CGI is led by a cohort of globally-competent, India-aware scholars and professionals at Princeton University and around the world, and works in collaboration with like-minded partners in India.

Current research:
Current research projects focus include sustainable infrastructure and cities; rapid clean energy transitions, and air pollution; water, climate and health; urban food systems in the U.S. and India; emerging performing arts at the intersection of India and the world, all of which are explored using an interdisciplinary approach.